Learn How To Use Instagram: Build a Community, Generate Leads, Win Customers.

Without obsessing over ‘likes’, ‘followers’ or being glued to your devices 24/7

For a long time, I created useful content and posted consistently, but hardly anyone noticed it, engaged with, or liked it. 

I got desperate and tried all the ‘hacks’ out there, watched countless YouTube Videos, wasted many hours on information from online gurus. 

I tried ‘follow / unfollow’ method. I joined Instagram growth ‘pods’ etc. I entertained the idea of ‘bot’ services that promised quick follower growth for money. Heck I even got ‘banned’ twice by Instagram because my activities were deemed ‘suspicious’ by Instagram algorithms that track all ‘spammy’ and ‘bot’ activities. 

I would post every day like my life depended on it and then would keep checking my phone to see how many likes or comments I got. 

I got nothing in return and ended up building a ghost following of folks who didn’t care about me and who didn’t mean a thing to me. I started to feel ‘deflated’ and began to lose interest in Instagram.

Until Recently.

When I started to take a deep dive and observe the system that those I idolized as successful Instagrammers were following. After months of pouring into studying them, I finally cracked the code to their success and came up with my own 6 Cs to Success Framework to help you achieve the same level of success on Instagram.  

Within a few months of learning, experimenting, and applying the 6 Cs framework, I have seen a remarkable difference in my own account growth and above all my ‘mental well-being’.

Now I do Instagram without 

  • constantly checking how many people have liked or followed me.  
  •  getting overwhelmed about ‘what content to post’ or feeling anxious about creating daily posts. 

I am inspired to share my best with the world. My only competition is my last content post. I want to do better each time I create a post and make it better than my last post.

There is a certain joy in raising the bar for yourself each time.

There is a joy when you make actual connections with real people out there on Instagram who are doing such wonderful and amazing work.

It feels great to be on the other side of the table – of being an active creator and not a passive consumer of other’s content. 

I flipped my C2C ratio… yes Consume to Create ratio. and now I create more and consume less.

This Is Me Today

After Implementing the 6 Cs To Success Framework

Despite removing ghost followers from my account and despite unfollowing many accounts that I had previously followed (during my desperate days of ‘follow/unfollow’ tactics), I have more than doubled my Instagram Following in just a few months.

I am now a part of a community who knows each other on a personal level and we constantly engage with each other’s content, not for any profit or gain but because we are genuinely having actual conversations and sharing our ideas and thoughts.

I got meetings arranged with prospects purely through my content engagement on Instagram, wanting to explore opportunities of working for them.

I got to collaborate with a massive influencer in my niche and we are going to do a live Q n A session. 

I closed a client on a monthly retainer basis who wants me to create content for his personal brand.

I got an opportunity to train at a digital marketing company for the next 6 months… 

That’s what social platforms are for.. that’s what Instagram is for. To build authentic connections, have real conversations.. get social. Close deals.

Imagine This..

Imagine knowing exactly what to do on Instagram, so that next time you pick your phone to check the app…

  • You are welcomed by DMs from people wanting to buy from you or asking you to help them with your offer or product or service.

  • You receive meaningful comments from folks who feel familiar and known to you, not just ‘nice post’ or ‘emoji’ kinda comments from strangers which mean nothing.

  • You know when to post, what to post and how to show up in your stories with confidence because you are clear about your message and what you want to say to your tribe.

  • You know what metrics to track and do more of what’s working and ditch what’s not. Knowing what leads to ‘saves’ rather than just 'likes'.

  • You spend less time stressing and scrolling on Instagram comparing yourself to others, and instead focusing on creating and serving your clients, and doing more of what you would rather be doing. Spending time with friends and family.

You Can be this successful

without the stress and overwhelm

And all of this while still getting more leads in your sales pipeline and closing more deals. Quietly and without stress.

Here's What You Can Expect to Learn

6 Cs To Success Framework by Anjuli

  • 1st C Clarity

    Be Clear about your purpose on Instagram: who you are, what you do and why you do it so it’s easy for your tribe to find and follow you. Identify who is your ideal target audience that you want to attract and what you can do for them and why you are the right fit for them?

  • 2nd C Content

    Get a head start with content ideas that will add value to your tribe and give them a reason to follow you on Instagram. With clarity on your message, you will show up authentically without being self-critical or worrying about ‘what will others say’. You will learn effective hashtag strategy that will amplify the reach of your content.

  • 3rd C Consistency

    Get consistent in showing up for your tribe and learn tools and techniques to come up with unlimited supply of content ideas that will resonate with your target audience. Build a system to create consistent content so that you don’t have to spend too much time on the platform. Yes you don’t need to be 24/7 on Instagram to succeed.

  • 4th C Community

    Learn how to find your tribe and be found by them on Instagram and build a truly engaged community. Instead of doing ‘hacky’ stuff and build inflated non engaged 10k following of ghost followers. You will walk away with ideas to create genuine engagement via your IG stories.

  • 5th C Connection

    Effective ways of deepening your connections and holding authentic conversations with your tribe within the Instagram ecosystem especially DMs so that you can collect their email, book calls, pitch your product or service and finally sell. As they say in the community, ‘It all goes down in the DMs.’

  • 6th C Conversion

    Set up your conversion sales funnel on Instagram so that you can convert some of your tribe into paying customers without being ‘slimeball salsey’. You will walk away with ‘tried and tested’ Instagram Story Sales sequences to nurture and lead people to buy from you.

Bonus Inputs

Not only that, I have also packed in these value-loaded bonuses for You.

  • Free Workbooks

    Free Workbook: Find your Ikigai (Value $5, priceless if applied to your life)

    Free Workbook: Your Brand Story (Value $5, priceless if applied to your brand)

     Free Workbook: Know Your Tribe (Value $5, priceless if applied to your business)

  • Free Downloadable PDFs

    One Month of Content Ideas to get you off on your content planning for the 1st month. Value $10)

    30 More Days of Content Ideas to keep the momentum going for the 2nd month. (Value $10)

    200 Bonus Content Ideas to keep you consistently sharing your ‘wow’ with the world on Instagram. (Value $10)

  • Facebook Group

    Free Access to our Facebook Community SSSSH (Small Business Owners Social Media Secret Success hacks) where entrepreneurs and business owners and like minded folks share ideas and offer support and encouragement to each other in a safe space. (Value Priceless)

I Am Ready

To Invest In Building My True Tribe on Instagram

With this course's easy-to-use strategies, easy-to-adapt blueprints, and other great resources, you'll be ready to take the plunge!

Wait! There's More.

I want this course to be the best investment ever in your business growth. Here are few more personalized success resources packed in for you.

  • Private Community Support

    Access to a private Facebook Group where we support and answer your questions and address your implementation challenges. These are going to be your new business buddies… who will lend you support and hold you accountable.

    Access to a private Instagram Group which will support you in your content and engagement journey and give an instant boost to your content.

    Access to a private WhatsApp Group to get quick answers to your questions and doubts.

  • Personalized Coaching and Advice

    Private weeklyy Online Zoom Live Group Coaching sessions to keep you on track and hold you accountable for your own success and answer your questions.

    Weekly Hot Seat Calls to evaluate any one account each week and get customized and specific suggestions  which everyone can benefit from via archived sessions for all course takers to access.

    Weekly Account Audits and strategic pro tips to make the necessary tweaks to your account to get best results.

  • Other Related Digital Marketing Expert Guides

    Free e-book 50 Powerful Tips to Grow Engagement on Your Facebook Group Valued at $10 

    Free e-book Must Have Power Tool Kit for Small Business Owners, Startups and Solopreneurs Valued at $10

    Free e-book SEO Made Simple and Easy- a step by step guide to implement SEO for your business Valued at $10

    Life time access to 60+ Video Lessons spread across the 6 modules, each 5 to 15 min duration  to learn at your own pace. 

This is the full deal you are getting!

Total Value of course materials, coaching sessions, e-books and content guides is $900. Now you get access to this for just S$8.70 each month or one time cost of S$26.10 (Come on, consider it a coffee you buy for me each month!)

  • 60+ Video Lessons spread across 6 Deep Dive Modules Valued at $350

  • Personalized Monthly Group Coaching Sessions, Hot Seat Calls, Account Audits valued at $375

  • E-Books, Content resource guides, workbooks valued at $75

What Are They Saying About this Course

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Akanksha Pundir

Director Of Innovation at Crea Worldwide and Founder Grass On The Hill

I can’t recommend Instagram Masterclass with Anjuli Gopalakrishna strongly enough for any emerging or established, personal or professional brand. The content, the ease of access and the pace of the tutorials couldn’t be more perfect. Every session has left me wanting to learn more, experiment more and reap more benefits.

Rippy Gauba


@anjuligo loving the course and all the efforts you have put in for the worksheets and examples !!! I would recommend it to all newbies and even those who want to course correct!!

Belinda Sandell

Founder/Creative Director - Beli Sands Linen

The course material Anjuli has put together is so interesting that it connects with someone who has always wanted to master the art. The content is well-curated from the common mistakes we all end up doing and gives an in-depth guide as to how we can avoid such mistakes. The links to various tech-savvy hacks are very helpful. The way Anjuli navigates through the course feels so genuine, all that she has learned from her own experiences makes learning from her naturally beautiful.

Claire Dawn

Marketing Strategist

Those are some amazing takeaways, what a fab course!

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